9.3.20: Holika Dahan Program organised at #AshramBlr.

9.3.20: Holika Dahan Program organised at #AshramBlr.

#HolikaDahan teaches us that truth never burns and the Bad, no matter how strong, never retains !

Holika dahan is the time for singing around the divine bonfire as a way to show gratitude towards Ishwar !

Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji says that - "Burn all your hatred, enmity, sorrow & jealousy in the fire of Holika-Dahan and resolve to achieve Supreme-Bliss."


Is introduced by Sant Shri Asharam Bapu Ji, playing holi with Palash flowers colour gives inuemerable health benefits and using cow dung in holika dahan will kill the bacteria around us and gives lot of health benefits.

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu tells us that by using cow dungs on Holi occasions we can save our environment from pollution because it purifies environment gases & protects us from effect of viruses like Corona. #VedicHoliHealthyHoli

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